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You can Be a regular customer & enjoy your tension-free production experience with us. We want to assure you can find the best competitive price and right time delivery schedules from us. We always maintain a special production plan & follow-up our every production by a highly professional & expert. You can check with us with your next order. Thanks!

About Us


We are one of the leading 100% biodegradable tableware manufacturers in Bangladesh. We started our journey in 2019, since 2019 Afdal has produced their food serving tableware products with 100% customer satisfaction to till now.

Afdal is the premier brand in biodegradable paper cups and plates. We believe big things can happen in small packages, and that a single paper cup can make a powerful statement. That’s why we’ve developed creative design and disposable materials made from plants.

At Afdal, we design, manufacture, and supply the food service industry with quality paper cups and plates, delivered with the level of service and care you’d expect from us.


Customize your own branded biodegradable paper cups and plates. “YOUR BRAND CAN HELP YOU TO REACH YOUR GOAL” Customization is the perfect way to show off your brand and build recognition. With our range of high quality, Eco-friendly, in-house produced paper cups and superior color printing technology, we’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us for more details.


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Labaid Specialized Hospital

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